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How Many Leukemia Types on Earth

Leukemia is a disease of the blood that is caused by too many immature or abnormal blood cells. The problem starts with the DNA of cells which results in the shortage of normal blood cells. This causes the body to stop working properly.

White blood cells have many sub types. Some of these are from lymphoid cells and the rest from myeloid cells. The DNA of cells that are produced from myeloid or lymphoid become damaged and causes the production of abnormal white blood cells. These abnormal cells push the normal blood cells out. Myelogenous Leukemia is the cancer from myeloid origin and Lymphotic Leukemia from lymphoid. These are the two types of leukemia. It can be categorized further into chronic and acute.

Acute leukemia means that the cancer can rapidly become fatal . If acute lymphatic leukemia is not treated immediately, there is no chance of recovery. This type of cancer is mostly seen in children. With acute myelogenous and chronic cancer there is not the urgency for treatment. Chronic leukemia sufferers are kept under observation and only when the bodies tissues are damaged by the leukemia are they treated. Generally the chronic leukemia is seen in the elderly.
The types of leukemia are grouped based on the speed the disease develops and worsens.

• Chronic leukemia: At the start of the disease the cells infected with leukemia can still do some of the work of the normal blood cells. People may not know that they are suffering from the disease. When the symptoms become apparent they are at first mild but get gradually worse.

• Acute leukemia: The cells cannot do any of the work that the normal white blood cells do. With this form of leukemia the infected cells rapidly increase and the leukemia quickly worsens .
Leukemia can also be grouped depending on what type of white blood cell is affected.

• Chronic lymphatic leukemia: This type of cancer affects the lymphoid cells and normally is slow growing. This type almost always affects the over 55’s.

• Chronic myeloid leukemia: This is also a slow growing leukemia and affects mainly adults.

• Acute lymphatic leukemia: Is a fast growing leukemia that affects lymphoid cells. This type of leukemia is the most common among children.

• Acute myeloid leukemia: The myeloid cells are affected and are quick growing. This type affects both children and adults.